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Christian Dumais, Derrek Carriveau

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CD/DC is coming to Poznan for a one night comedy event. Fresh from their live show at Pyrkon, join Americans Christian Dumais (CD) and Derrek Carriveau (DC) at Tanner's Irish Pub for their two-man comedy show (CD/DC) - a culmination of the comedy Dumais and Carriveau have been painstakingly working on for years. Writer and in-demand voice actor Derrek Carriveau will class up the evening with his bourbon voice and witty comedy. Carriveau has been traveling all over Poland exploring its borders while pushing the envelope of his distinct boozy humor which takes aim at everyday life that is both acerbic and wonderfully honest. Writer Christian Dumais will take the stage with his own unique perspective on pop culture and life in Poland. Dumais is the creator of Twitter's hugely successful @DRUNKHULK and TIME named him "one of [their] favorite funnymen." His book SMASHED: THE LIFE AND TWEETS OF DRUNK HULK is now available.
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